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Jacalyn Gant Web Log

Thursday, 29. January 2015
Rowers May Head To Open Water |
By jacalyngan, 01:28

Kim Kardashian bodyguard Ellenton's skaters are trained by Jim Peterson, Lyndon Johnston and Amanda Evora. Music marathon will cap out at 2,000 The inaugural Sarasota Music Half Marathon is expected to sell out this week, and reach the 2,000 participants race organizers said they hoped to draw to the 13.1-mile race on Feb. 8. As of Monday, 87 spots were left. The race, beginning and ending at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, features 16 bands posted throughout the course. Other attractions include a Girl Scout cookie station, a beer mile, a veterans salute, and a lawn party at the Selby Botanical Gardens. Race founders John Korff, Molly Jackson and Tony Driscoll said they want spectators to be part of the action, whether they are cheering from driveways in view the Cherokee Park neighborhood, or posting up next to the Motown band on the Ringling bridge. "It's the concept where the spectators are part of the race," Korff said. "They are participants they are just participating differently." Contact Katy at or call (941) 361-4968.

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Wednesday, 21. January 2015
Hollywood Production Center Salutes Figueroa Mountain Brewery; Announces Midseason Premiere Of Stalker - Yahoo Finance
By jacalyngan, 18:31

The brewery's founders "believe that success in this business, like other industries, starts with building a culture that is focused on always improving and never feeling complacent with mediocrity, always striving to better yourself and your business every day." For more information on this trusted Hollywood Production Center Associate: Hollywood Production Center welcomes Stalker mid-season premiere: The newest episodes of Stalker -- whose premise is that your stalker could be anyone... anywhere -- premiered January 14 on CBS. Stalker is an American police procedural drama television series about victims of stalking, and the detectives of the LAPD's Threat Assessment Unit who paris hilton kim kardashian investigate the crimes. Det. Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) is a recent transfer to the TAU from New York City's homicide division, whose confidence, strong personality, and questionable behavior has landed him in trouble before -- but whose past behavior may also prove valuable in his new job. His boss, Lt. Beth Davis (Maggie Q), is strong, focused and an expert in the field, driven by her traumatic personal experience as a victim. Hollywood Production Center has high hopes for Stalker, kim kardashian hot pictures which is in its first season.

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Monday, 19. January 2015
Brimfield Police Chief Announces Retirement - 19 Action News|cleveland, Oh|news, Weather, Sports
By jacalyngan, 06:09

WOIO <a href=kim kardashian & ray logo' more information /> That is just not my speed. Those things and my "management style" have been turned against me. We just finished some very tense union negotiations and nerves were frazzled. During that time period, the Captain and I read more also did our normal disciplinary things...which resulted photos of kim kardashian in hurt feelings also. I was never shy about being a forceful leader. Lots of people have worked under me, with me using that same style, and never complained about being "bullied." Hello, political correctness! I have said it numerous times...I was not an easy guy to work for.

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Wednesday, 14. January 2015
Correcting And Replacing Usc Libraries Name Finalists For 27th-annual Scripter Award - Yahoo Finance
By jacalyngan, 01:29

Memorial Library on the University Park campus of the University of Southern California. Academy Award winners Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford will serve as honorary dinner chairs. Celebrated mystery and crime writer Walter Mosleythe author of more than 40 books, including the Easy Rawlins serieswill receive the USC Libraries Literary Achievement Award. Mosley is currently working on a Broadway version of his novel Devil in a Blue Dress, a film adaptation of which appeared in 1995, starring Denzel Washington. Current silent auction donors and other event sponsors include Academy of Magical Arts and Ted Ushirogata, Alexander Denk, Allison Samon, American Eye Institute, Anchor Distilling Company, AOC, At Your Side Private Exercise, Bacara Resort & Spa, Badgley Mischka, Benjamin Salon, Bennett Farms, Bonny Doon Vineyard, Bouchon Bistro, Burton Morris, Carol Muske Dukes, Christine Ofiesh, Cynthia Baseman, Daryle Ann and Mark Giardino, David Lebovitz, David St. John, Faith and Flower, Flathead Lake Lodge, Fred Kayne and Terravant Wine Company, Gearys Beverly Hills, Geffen Playhouse, Glenn Sonnenberg, Gloria Kaplan, Hang Zhang, Hayley Kaplan, Hotel Del Coronado, Hotel Indigo, San Diego Del Mar, Hotel Kabuki, Howard Rodman, Jack Lindquist, Jar, redirected Joel Prell, Jon Summers, KFK Jewelers, Kimber Modern, LACMA, Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa, Laura Kasner, Left Brain Travel, Lisa Barkett, Lisa Dixon, Loews Regency Hotel, Los Angeles Dodgers, M.

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Sunday, 04. January 2015
Rebecca Mader Announces Her Engagement To Marcus Kayne Via Twitter |
By jacalyngan, 05:57

She included the caption: "ITS OFFICIAL! Marcus Kayne and I are engaged!" The hashtag #BestChristmasEver was also included, and Im sure for Mader and Kayne it is the best Christmas ever. Image via Twitter from Rebecca Mader Her husband to be, who starred in The Exorcist Chronicles as Alejandro Medina, retweeted her post, along with the caption "At last, I who is kim kardashian found you." How romantic! At last, I found you... RT @bexmader visit website : IT'S OFFICIAL! @marcuskayne and I are engaged!

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Tuesday, 30. December 2014
Ray J And Princess Love Spotted In Beverly Hills | Hip-hop Wired
By jacalyngan, 01:23

23) about townin Beverly Hills. Love is the same chick that threatened suicide when Ray J (we assume) attempted to dump her. The crooner called the authorities Kim Kardashian heels to make sure she didnt harm herself, she said it was a mistake, and all is well, for now. We wouldnt hold our breath on this relationship standing the test of time just yet, though. She looks like the type that would key Rays Ferrari (the crazy eye is real). Just saying. Check out the pics in the gallery.

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Ray J And Princess Love Spotted In Beverly Hills | Hip-hop Wired
By jacalyngan, 00:40

23) about townin Beverly Hills. Love is the same Kim Kardashian turn it up chick that threatened suicide when Ray J (we assume) attempted to dump her. The crooner called the authorities to make sure she didnt harm herself, she said it was a mistake, and all is well, for now. We wouldnt hold our breath on this relationship standing the test of time just yet, though. She looks like the type that would key Rays Ferrari Kim Kardashian photo gallery (the crazy eye is real). Just saying. Check out the their website pics in the gallery.

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Monday, 29. December 2014
Hollywood Pro Ben Silverman: "what's Incredible About Netflix Is Its Global Ambition" -
By jacalyngan, 05:50

"We hope to be fully global, everywhere in the world, including China," Hastings said to a reporter from The Telegraph in October. If and when that happens, Silverman gets his ideal distribution platform. Create fantastic content, click here! sign a distribution contract with Netflix, and reach all four corners of the world overnight. That model would fit the needs of modern media distribution, given the Internet-powered concerns that Silverman worries Kim Kardashian about. And of course, simplified blanket contracts with worldwide distribution rights must be the perfect model for Netflix as well -- simpler accounting and fewer limited-rights problems than the current patchwork of separate licenses for each geographic market. And obviously, that complete vision would dramatically increase the value of the Netflix service. Today, the company sells subscriptions to roughly 50 million households in an addressable broadband market of about 180 million households. That's in a world where nearly 10% of the world's 7.2 billion inhabitants have access to fixed broadband, and 27% subscribe to mobile broadband services.

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Saturday, 20. December 2014
Press And News | Police Chase Through Rogers Ends In Elk River
By jacalyngan, 05:44

Officers continued to pursue Mueller as he headed north on Highway 101 through Rogers, Otsego, and Elk hot kim kardashian River. While in pursuit, officers learned that the vehicle was stolen from Sherburne kim kardashian pregnant County and the registered owner lived in the 23900 block of County Road 1. Mueller refused to pull over and officers pursued the driver northbound on Main Street through Wright County and into Sherburne County. Elk River Police joined the pursuit, which continued northbound on Highway 169 through Elk River and into the Livonia Township. Mueller finally stopped at the owners address in Elk River. Mueller was tased and taken into custody.

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Tuesday, 16. December 2014
Sony Hack: Hollywood Studios Rebuff Mpaa Request To Publicly Support Sony, Says Nyt - Yahoo Celebrity
By jacalyngan, 09:06

 cY|aE~[+KznZ]`QJ!0Vn XH_3? ? [ __c?w%>nfR%Vvz[j;`PZ+ Z$*,W$\QEI+Xaili+cc5CdV SSn:cx<_=<_m2}rr9+ammC_Ht =2?RbaU>:KcfG0**d=`G V5: -#YH.*X1{E" $Kkm G)ZAd&+:nCG]>- s}S vXERS*|Et59]P{$ z=k1R6oj(W5$Iam;,\.Q7g/el1VA"f{C q^f?-:L3d8VN5PT |WC2GV!zSUt*TPN.+ bM6@z_B(Keip ;v:~|eZU[9a $ 6~#XL #1 kZM5JaH]_ix5 r(lYTOM,@<9&sYS5Q` Z2uZe-Ip:tbMG(n,9$*W`utUG91$|$|%}a2 rApAS4W;qc5RG F Mrcg'-cg''5x!=@($2Z^F\^e}\-)F>43S v+O)uJ/_N}Ez /_;Yc!};AE*MSUsacVG k>|@}vARSsLaQ(n x$-*L{<] La(79v_F2D zot>SDoH$& O!8~ . SGGKVi%:{`?*H4,iK[u!j`q@ wntAxfEUt,tF /(>,` @,,I/]W1T T\oa1[+/Zw5/ZveBrur5?G!BY:k4'\@hZ@q&L KJaAo~4 p(PfKJyA0Gm0$-dH <,X1PkYt/23 |CvM( +;g1T"q5A*L{SaFXSJaxG&<,$SfJR.y jbp)|}srz*/xolw gmxM`zSg9>+^^)gEo/Hkzu ]<%Gk |`o"Xa(&mA1hd ]l.0YgO'[qc-E=O< ol5Z3\rWz^bL?XMC M^`K>nxE >kh7~@ <o6QKD/8l ~ O bA2A @ xyh \3/V9Y P5# u"7RY=!\\yOV_*@ v.V>a b&b2838^4T W^gKZ5{] pip >a[.HD, %x K."iW {r|Y E z} Ta39zE9{`+,cU:SkZq c tZ @z|>I fc*2=, (j7Nz 4vT^P9^op=d!SJn{n>"bCbn@S"N{z\Hv!A7AAo r`]3 L+97,A7 koFxekZ! j~WFW 'L0"d+mQ4.-HP"av)Rxk|2-](a t lK 2K (jOmT, #Qv/Z3%( =j$7 `6Y%pK sU$ ,,WIU+AIPy,1Kwd:g]gaI_m3+{ t@3 By9T9Ow/FN?K7^,e*h3dG J 2q,5kBuNTTxS6n#dPRx5:@<5flc__ NlC vw!%uEMTld }3^l>xU.7DSG|~zb( wzE\ y PXU99K ,!;R0l9; 0bIB-t{7cuv:a8G)P^wl7';-Ka?$I4]}!R2^3CU0~fc P.` T 1c3ggMGTIX\UJy\rP r!GPpfMA()!n 3RqgJ:=7JL^#J$*]U3:{gUZ A~{sW["= a ps-^~9 sw+! ]^&~O&Jc_~z@x*V5ZA%{\aWWw2KOI-'vov I8sYKko)&PPI2^AAxmx= 4Zj1ECA` td7]i^}_3~(tDH^MAd>F[ A_&|M Q1434p8(8v:D yATtM jTbTh9rs<8>S!f ],&%.q*7 _ _/et5K5>\R>o6cC2bN}qm1nhO2qd}Npxmt PDNgcYcq6 gw!a]-3Q/-Y/7Rh]&A ^C`A7IGH{L 7EaG34|\!B W@aOS[|@MXJSB ^ph#G`wz,2yD"nV2NYxU* w=IWnql?yV^t`)#Uai"*Bh*2`"F ^`>X,  'b'03 m\OH%BL@dM T@b^aMRs?:B SY5.WNpYyce2"!7b&3<[ njp$@ZVJ qJt-=L<5qup-.I#<<7O }YV3bx"+Ys 2f!E[%t{}73&=E+b WUY: "ZOGI-e7/| 5B3-Ryx< M|k GmYqN|J_wcTbS~ d^M50[Lk|a73%{, >$ -QTVf! :7YZNl%@,y 3\1 9*\yR&fs_' 5$B@\N,. u+z+t`Q 1@ETLWlh&^e Ycq5>U#Hkj%| (r2 s?xTa!s5o/gW4.T kjcXCq;bMt 0 ax }vp^};DW o,[9WJ.(%y;.[rn lw)z~Q:4i To>p&Tb8IBcw?6b?EBzZXWtF_h: @-Ee}.A2'=./^+sGb/]-Ey@@`N"B  aN"Mgv72 FBThsntL\akniY +EE ,x2vUm vb 4"^+| lR8:.QEjDHuf;C4kNCw-.DU9":hiU7T(2,#p YR p c+" gVPVFAe~1 {3VfYM?* 2lXO J3` NJDgxwVsQT& .g&.hRu>[-_ '"H~ C/jCI lBH&(Va*e#,XCV`Cw7]X^{k*; 29F k W6-b YXB|vy}<){s$dm"| 6fC$W&|Zyf^D V C7NOC X1!-vav`^P 8Q A<:<)BH QwtI+G1Ns &nR'V sU'KUc[}l9tu xAOr?4CxbWPW@s4Yw=8 j4X p)c d^bIn1".j4` /$qQ` X8$&J2,0vbV./c kim kardashian celebuzz 50O]Qq ; l"4.Nn~ARt/q@Xy:r3  0 P)fX!,JX&m^ 7J8]01x:"v!

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Monday, 15. December 2014
Hollis Brookline Opens With Win Over West -
By jacalyngan, 00:27

photos of Kim Kardashian Digital subscribers receive Unlimited access to all stories from on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Access, view our digital edition or use our Full Access apps. Get more information at HB 33, Manchester West 12 Hollis Brookline opened its season at home [source] with a 33-12 win over Manchester West. Securing pins for the Cavaliers were Thomas Hoey (126 pounds), Kayne Robert (195) and Clement Sherwood (220). blog url Lucas Cummings scored an 8-6 win at 145 pounds, while Cameron Dreyer won via forfeit at 106 for the Cavaliers (1-0). Top Jobs

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Friday, 05. December 2014
Springsteen, Chris Martin & More Fill In With U2 At World Aids Day Concert « Cbs San Francisco
By jacalyngan, 05:38

(Photo credit TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images) Related Tags: Adam Clayton , Bicycle accident , Bono , Bruce Springsteen , Carol D'Auria , Central Park , Chris Martin , Coldplay , Concert , Larry Mullen Jr. , Marla Diamond , President Barack Obama , President Bill Clinton , The Edge , Times Square , U2 Minus 1 -- Live In New York Tonight , World AIDS Day NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) Bruce Springsteen and Coldplays Chris Martin took the place of Bono at a concert Monday night in Times Square. The U2 front man was recovering from an accident, so the band asked their friends to fill in. PHOTOS: World AIDS Day (RED) Concert In Times Square Billed U2 Minus 1 Live in New York Tonight, also featured a pregnant Carrie Underwood and Kanye West, who was energetic when he performed hits including Jesus Walks, Power and Stronger. Bill Clinton opened kim kardashian and ray j video the concert Monday, which was World AIDS Day, and said news Bono requested he do so. I got this email from Bono today recuperating in Dublin, and he said I had to come here tonight to do this intro, the former U.S. President said.

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Saturday, 29. November 2014
16 Arrested In Ferguson As Protests Continue Across The U.s.
By jacalyngan, 23:30

Ferguson-arrestsgo!! style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Start twitter of a scuffle between protesters and riot cops in San best site Francisco. Time to get outta here! Protesters reportedly broke windows in the city's Union Square and Mission District. Businesses were damaged, and the Apple store locked its doors, preventing people from entering or leaving. I keep seeing this wild Vine from a #Ferguson protest in San Francisco. I present it w/ out commentary: Jim Dalrymple II (@JimDalrympleII) November 29, 2014 Protesters threw objects, including bricks, at police, according to CBS. Two officers were reportedly injured. San Francisco police said between 50 and 75 people were arrested Friday night.

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Saturday, 22. November 2014
Vanessa Hudgens Goes Dark, Gets Bangs: Her Hairstylist Explains Her Sexy Shag | E! Online
By jacalyngan, 12:31

Vanessa Hudgens "Vanessa really wanted to do bangs. She posted a to bang or not to bang' [post] a couple days ago on her Instagram ," Capri shared. (We're guessing the consensus from fans was "to bang"!) On Thursday, the singer showed up solo to Nine Zero One Salon and spent some time discussing what she wanted with Capri. NEWS: Sarah Hyland goes "Beyonce" blond, Jenna Dewan-Tatum gets a new haircutsee the pics! Instagram It turns out that the red look Vanessa's had for the last few months was actually the result of extensions. Capri started by taking those pieces out and cutting with a kim kardashian clothes line "choppy, piecey, edgy look" in mind.

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Thursday, 20. November 2014
Buck Winthrop Releases Racy New Thriller Ocean Drive. - Yahoo Finance
By jacalyngan, 05:30

Many incarnations followed over the years. The author put it aside to finish Delusions of Grandeur in 2010 and visit our website ultimately created a trilogy called Shattered Delusions. "The books are not sequels in the classic sense. They are "spinoffs," Winthrop says. The author, who has resided in Los Angeles for four years, spent fifteen years in South Beach. "On many levels, writing Ocean Drive was the deepest, darkest, saddest most emotionally draining experience of my adult life. It was like a Catharsis." Onwards, the author is finishing his third book, Somewhere in Hollywood, which he says, "Will be my biggest and best book." He is working with an entertainment attorney and agent to bring Ocean Drive to the screen. However, with a wry smile reveals a goal on his career bucket-list has always been, "To write for the CBS soap opera The Young & The Restless." ABOUT THE AUTHOR Buck Winthrop grew up in Stony Brook, Long Island. He has a twenty-five year career that spans the full spectrum of entertainment, public relations, and business.

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